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Sleep Study Buford

Dr. Dustin Jacobs of Choice One Dental Care of Buford proudly offers the residents of Buford help with their sleep! Try a sleep study today with our STATDDS™ Bruxism and Sleep Monitor for peaceful nights and energetic days.

What is the STATDDS™ Bruxism and Sleep Monitor?

At our office, we aim to improve your life in more ways than a terrific smile. We can help you feel and function your best by helping you manage your grinding, snoring, and sleep apnea. Using innovative technologies, the STATDDS™ Bruxism and Sleep Monitor allows you to measure your nighttime activity in the comfort of your own home. This at-home sleep monitor is the first of its kind for giving accurate feedback regarding teeth grinding, snoring, and sleep apnea in the location you sleep most naturally- your own home.

What are the Advantages of the Home Sleep Monitor?

This at-home sleep monitor offers many advantages compared to the inconvenient, embarrassing, and uncomfortable traditional sleep study methods. With the STATDDS™ Bruxism and Sleep Monitor, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Test yourself in the comfort of your own regular sleeping situation
  • Enjoy your regular nighttime and morning routine
  • Avoid a night spent away from your home, family, and/or pets
  • Get accurate feedback for three sleep interrupters (grinding, snoring, and sleep apnea) at one time
  • Next-day results at your dentist with feedback to help you live your best life

How Much Does the STATDDS™ Bruxism and Sleep Monitor Cost?

The exact cost of the sleep study can vary based on visits needed prior to and after the nighttime monitoring itself. At a consultation, we will discuss your reason for doing the sleep study and come up with an individualized treatment plan and cost just for you. To help make all dental care accessible and affordable, we offer CareCredit® financing options and payment plans. We are also happy to review your insurance plan to check for benefits, if applicable.

How Does the Home Sleep Monitor Work?

StatDDS Bruxism Monitor and Home Sleep Test Placement Demonstration from AAFE on Vimeo.

If you suffer from fatigue and discomfort throughout the day, a lack of quality sleep may be to blame. There is no known replacement for good sleep, so consider a sleep study to learn why your sleep is lacking and what we can do to help. Residents of Buford can take advantage of this cutting-edge technology today! Contact us today to get started.


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